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wrote to🌍 MUN Contestant "Curney" 🇬🇧Based in the UK 🗺️ Trilingual International Background

27/05/2024 00:41
I had a trial lesson with Curney today. Overall, the atmosphere was very relaxed, probably because we are around the same age, so it felt more like chatting with a friend. The lesson started on time, and the overall experience was very good

wrote to Teacher C 👩🏼‍🏫 English for Kids 🦄 PHONICS expert! 📕

27/05/2024 00:00
Teacher C had full of happiness for my daughter to learn English. Teacher C prepared the suitable learning materials for her. It is interesting to have storytelling by both of them. Thank you!

wrote to💡Allen ❤️ lived in Taiwan 🐱 Fluent in Chinese💎12 years in Medical Field 🦋 YOUTUBER Art Lover 😍

26/05/2024 23:31
Allen is a kind and passionate teacher. She is really helpful and sought the most suitable way to improve my English during my trial lesson. I am looking forward to having more lessons with Allen and seeing my improvement in the future.

wrote toTaylor🌻Conversation Expert😄Current Affair Articles💪150 Interesting Topics🌎 7+ Years Experience✨

26/05/2024 23:28
It was a very good meeting You are a professor who knows how to put the learner in a comfortable position and able to learn and receive information. I felt that I had been studying with you for years. In addition, your English is strong and clear. I am happy to meet you soon

wrote toJudy🏆 Conversation 👥 Business 💼 Sales👔 Marketing📊 Accent🗣️

26/05/2024 21:47
I'm so lucky to have Judy for my first online English class. After a trial class(25 mins) I can tell that Judy is an well-experience teacher in teaching and guiding students and also a very easy-going person so it will be less pressure for me who haven't take a real English class for over 10 years.

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wrote to👨‍💼Mr.Mark☮️23 years experience👩‍🎓Master's in TESOL🗣CONVERSATION👨‍🏫IELTS🛝Children

26/05/2024 21:12
Cheers, Mr. Mark! Your class is so effective that can help me a lot. You are a good listener can always inspire me, you also was very patient, noticed my mistakes and told me how should I say that. It was a really good time to learn from you, thank you!

wrote toMark🔮 IELTS-Conversation / 🌏International University Lecturer / Living in Japan🇯🇵 / IELTS Speaking 8

26/05/2024 21:01
I really love taking classes with Mark, he is a very patient teacher. Even when I'm slow and don't understand what he's saying sometimes, he will patiently explain it to me using different examples. After each class, he gives me homework, which allows me to strengthen my English listening skills. I especially enjoy the notes he specially prepares, it is very comprehensive. I have never encountered a teacher as good as Mark before.

wrote toAmelia🍀Teaching 4000h+🌷English Professional Grade 8 🌷Enlightened English🌷English tour guide

26/05/2024 20:58
The teacher’s presentation slides are excellent. In the trial lesson, she clearly explained how to organize an article using examples. For native Chinese speakers, it’s a great advantage that she can use Chinese to assist in teaching. You can truly feel her sincerity and passion. Overall, she is an outstanding teacher.

wrote toTeacher Alley Speaking prep, interview prep, primary 2 - 6/high school help

26/05/2024 20:43
Today, we reviewed my letter and knew that I have to use past tense when I was writing a letter. Then, I learnt about conjunctions. Teacher Alley is very professional and intelligent. Thank you for teaching me.

wrote toChris 🇸🇦 FUN English conversation classes 👨‍🎓 TEFL certified 💪 15 years experienc

26/05/2024 18:58
I didn't like English, but as I learned English with him one by one, my listening skills and expressions improved, and I became more interested in English. I found it fun to learn English while talking about various things with him. I hope many people will have fun learning English with him and improve their skills. The teacher will be very systematic and adapt to your level.

wrote to🌟🏅Sarah the Test Master🏅🌟IELTS 8++💯

26/05/2024 18:20
Sarah's IELTS speaking class was exceptional. Her structured approach combined with interactive sessions made learning engaging. Her insightful feedback and strategies undoubtedly enhanced my speaking skills for the exam. Highly recommend her class for IELTS success!

wrote to💂‍♀Expert ESL Teacher: IELTS Success, Pronunciation Focus, ➡️ Group Lessons💂‍♀

26/05/2024 17:46
I am writing to express my gratitude for the exceptional online English lessons provided by TEACHER to my daughter. Course Structure and Content: TEACHER's online English courses are well-structured and designed to meet students' learning needs. The curriculum is engaging, age-appropriate, and aligned with learning objectives. TEACHER effectively uses multimedia resources to enhance the learning experience, covering all essential aspects of language acquisition. Teaching Style and Methodology: TEACHER's teaching style is effective and adaptable to my daughter's learning requirements. TEACHER creates a positive and supportive learning environment, encouraging active participation and cultivating interest in English. TEACHER's patience, kindness, and ability to connect with students are commendable. TEACHER employs diverse teaching methods to maintain an engaging classroom atmosphere. Student Engagement and Progress: Since attending TEACHER's online classes, my daughter has shown remarkable improvement in her English language proficiency. She has gained confidence and actively participates in class discussions. TEACHER's engaging approach has ignited my daughter's enthusiasm for learning. Her progress is a testament to TEACHER's dedication and expertise. Feedback and Communication: TEACHER maintains open communication with parents, providing regular feedback on student progress and areas for improvement. TEACHER's assessments are thorough and insightful. TEACHER is always available to address concerns and provide guidance on supporting our daughter's learning at home. Conclusion: TEACHER's exceptional online English courses have profoundly impacted my daughter's language learning experience. TEACHER's dedication, expertise, and engaging teaching style have enhanced my daughter's English skills and nurtured a love for the language. I highly recommend TEACHER's online English lessons. Thank you, TEACHER, for your outstanding work and commitment to teaching excellence.

wrote to🌸Jada🍁 🎖TEFL Certified Teacher🏅Conversation and Exams Preparation for Adults and Kids

26/05/2024 17:37
I am writing this report to commend Jada for her exceptional work in teaching English to my daughter through her outstanding online courses. Course Structure and Content: Jada's online English lessons are meticulously planned and well-structured. The course content is age-appropriate, engaging, and aligned with the learning objectives. Jada effectively incorporates a variety of multimedia resources, including videos, interactive games, and digital tools, to enhance the learning experience. The lessons are designed to cover all essential aspects of language acquisition, including vocabulary, grammar, reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills. Teaching Style and Methodology: Jada's teaching style is highly effective and adapted to my daughter's learning needs. She creates a positive and supportive learning environment that encourages active participation and fosters a love for the English language. Jada's patience, kindness, and ability to connect with her students are truly remarkable. She uses various teaching methods, such as interactive discussions, role-playing, and group activities, to keep the lessons engaging and dynamic. Student Engagement and Progress: My daughter has shown significant improvement in her English language skills since attending Jada's online classes. She is more confident in her ability to communicate in English and actively participates in class discussions. Jada's engaging teaching style has sparked my daughter's enthusiasm for learning, and she eagerly looks forward to each lesson. The progress my daughter has made is a testament to Jada's dedication and expertise in language teaching. Feedback and Communication: Jada maintains open lines of communication with parents, providing regular feedback on student progress and areas for improvement. Her assessments are comprehensive and provide valuable insights into my daughter's language development. Jada is always available to address any concerns or questions we may have and offers guidance on how we can support our daughter's learning at home. Conclusion: Jada's exceptional online English courses have had a profound impact on my daughter's language learning journey. Her dedication, expertise, and engaging teaching style have not only improved my daughter's English skills but also fostered a love for the language. I highly recommend Jada's online English lessons to any parent seeking a high-quality, effective, and enjoyable language learning experience for their child. Thank you, Jada, for your outstanding work and commitment to teaching excellence.


26/05/2024 17:35
Keith is well prepared before the class. He prompts students to share views at the right time and classes in general are very smooth. But I think we can go deeper for certain topics.

wrote toJoseph 🎓 MA English 🎓 Writing 🎓 Interviews 🎓 Grammar

26/05/2024 17:35
I feel fortunate to have Joseph as my English teacher.It not only meets all my course requirements but also equips me with invaluable communication skills for steering conversations confidently. The lessons are engaging and practical, making a significant impact on my overall communication abilities. Highly recommended for anyone looking to improve their English and conversation skills!

wrote toDONNA💁🏻‍♀️12yrs Exp👩‍🏫Licensed English Teacher🏆All Ages🔥

26/05/2024 15:36
I had a conversation with Donna after a long time. I'm sorry for not being able to practice English conversation because I was very busy. Although working and raising a child is challenging, I enjoyed sharing my stories with you. I look forward to your continued support.

wrote to Ema💖 Adult and Child Conversation Specialist 💪🏼🥇

26/05/2024 15:05
I highly recommend Ema's English class, as it can help students build confidence and use it daily. Ema carefully reviewed my presentation and letters with me and helped me revise my present draft, enabling me to use more accurate English. In addition, Ema's class also helped me during my self-guided tour to the Netherlands in May 2024. I can effectively use the travel English taught in class, whether passing through customs, ordering food in restaurants, and checking hotels, ensuring everything goes smoothly. I will continue learning English with my teacher Ema and I am so fortunate that I found such a wonderful teacher like Ema. By Student Bibi Hung

wrote toTeacher Alvan 📚 Author and Business communicator

26/05/2024 14:25
I've been learning English with Alvan for several months and highly recommend him for intermediate and advanced students. Alvan is enthusiastic and dedicated, making every lesson engaging and enjoyable. He is easy to talk to, facilitating natural conversations that are perfect for improving speaking skills. The classes are always relaxed and friendly, encouraging open communication and boosting my confidence. Overall, Alvan provides a positive and effective learning experience, and I have significantly improved my English with his help.

wrote to🇬🇧 Lara 🌟 British English 📚 Conversational 📚 IELTS & TOEFL | Adults 🌟

26/05/2024 13:35
Writing homework correction: Teacher Lara gave some suggestions which make sentences more precise and understandable. Besides, we develop some conversation based on what I wrote. Idioms: to skate on thin ice & be under the weather

wrote toJeffrey🔥💯English Speaking Expert🏆25 years' Exp💼🔥

26/05/2024 12:00
We started a new lesson today. It's about subscription service. for example, TV shows, movies, magazines, food, and drinks. At the beginning, we compared those services between what they were before the internet and now. Then we practiced new vocabulary. We will continue this topic next weekend. Thank you, Jeffery. Have a good week.

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